Fundraising Express operates like so. Schools will sell the tickets to other people and in return we will be giving back a portion of the sales that the school makes. We have incentive bonus programs that  schools will be able to use to increase the percentage  will give back. Fundraising Express will be teaming up with organizational seniors in high school, who are trying to raise money for their senior year of high school. A good example would be, schools that are trying to raise graduation money, or money for sports teams, school clothes, and anything else a school needs or wants. Fundraising Express also teams up with after school programs that to want to raise money. At Fundraising Express, we have three different packages available. The packages we are offering are as follows.

Household Program

We're also offering entertainment for kids of all ages on Zoom.

Fundraise On The Go!

Fundraising Express teams up with other companies to get wholesale prices. In return, we will pass the prices on to you as a fundraiser program. Prices will vary per event.  It’s a great easy way to raise money.


We will have different types of gifts from different companies. Some of them will local places, while others will be big box stores, as well as attractions to go to different places. 

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